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Picture cut from 3 Meals A Day – fishing village filming at Deungryang-do released.

       First broadcast filming picture of tvn’s 3 meals a day – fishing village on oct 14th released to public.  The 3 brothers from this season, Lee Seojin, Eric, and Yoon Kyunsang leave to the small island at Jeollanam-do, Goheung-gun and started to live their fishing village life.
      At the released picture, it shows Lee Seojin, Eric, and Yoon Kyunsang’s happy expression while eating dinner. The 3 brothers adapted really quickly in fishing village life, you can see at their comfortable expression  with attracting smile showed. These three as together passionately prepare the foods for dinner, so it makes curious what kind of foods that they prepared.
      The writer said “with everyone’s expectation, the first filming ended well” “with every unique chemistries, the three members  can get along really well”. She added “Especially, Eric’s great cooking skill suprised everyone, including Lee Seojin, Yoon Kyunsang and even the staffs” “for the magnae Yoon Kyunsang, as we can’t see him in the meantime on entertainment program, acted as the strong youngest character, we expect these 3 persons’s fresh combination will bring us smile and laughter”

       The new fishing village life at Deungryang-do “3 Meals A day season 3 – Fishing Village” starts the first broadcast on Oct 14 at 9.15pm.


Trans By : Toys / fishsubteam


[NEWS ARTICLE] OSEN TALK - ' 3 Meals A Day - Fishing Village 3 ' PD Na Young Seok "Eric Is Good At Cooking Than I Think".

4:24 PM

The first recording of tvN '3 Meals A Day - Fishing Fillage 3' has successfully finished. PD Na Young Seok said his satisfaction for the tree persons, Lee Seo Jin, Eric, Yoon Kyun Sang who experienced their first island life staying for 3 days 2 night started from September 23rd to 25th in Deukryangdo, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do, "We had a wonderful time recording, it couldn't get any better than this"
Lee Seo Jin who, this time, is facing the island village not the mountain district in Gangwon-do, Eric who has
never once been in a tv show alone without Shinhwa members, the same goes to Yoon Kyun Sang who adavanced to a "newbie of entertainment show", the expectations of the newly formed members are already high.
Before the first recording, PD Na Young Seok revealed to OSEN "Everything that Eric does is an art.  Lee Seo Jin might just order around. Since Eric has been living alone for a long time, seems like he's also good at cooking.  Looks like he normally eats the foods he cooks at home too. At the end, Eric might be the one who will do both cooking and fishing." 
PD Na Young Seok revealed his thoughts. After the first filming, Na PD told OSEN "It's the first filming, and because there are people who are new to tv show, I didnt have high expectations, but it was done more successfully than I think." He added, "Lee Seo Jin is the same... and Eric is good at cooking than I think. Yoon Kyun Sang made everyone shocked with his physical strength. The whole set atmosphere was so fun." he expressed his satisfaction for the new members. 
The three people are scheduled to visit Deukryangdo for few more times in the future. There's a plan to unravel many curiousities for this season of '3 Meals A Day - Fishing Village 3' through a press conference before the first broadcast. The first broadcast will take place on October 14th.
[사진] E&J엔터테인먼트 제공, OSEN DB.
source : Osen



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[NEWS ARTICLE] What Charm That Eric-Yoon KyunSang Will Show In "3 Meals A Day"?

2:35 PM

Actor Eric-Yoon KyunSang (right).

Released news about actor Eric and Yoon KyunSang join cable tv TvN’s reality show “3 Meals A Day” has raised people’s attention.  The expectation of what kind of image they will show in reality show is already high.

Eric and Yoon Kyungsang’s charms appear in TvN “Another Oh Hae-young” and SBS “Doctors”. Through “Another Oh Hae-young”, Eric who is an actor for 10 years revealed his acting skill with comic yet a serious charm at the same time. After Yoon KyunSang debut in 2012, with “Doctors” he becomes the hottest rookie in the spotlight.Through the small screen, PD Na Young-seok didn’t miss the chance that has in them. At October 14th, the first episode of “3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village” will aired with them as casts.

Na PD’s opinion about Eric “his image that can change in many times (4D images) will suitable for the program” become the reason why he cast him.
Eric’s 4D charm already known and famous among the fans. In 1998, with the other members, he made his debut in Shinhwa and living  as a fun image group, it became a unique topic in internet community. Althought 3MAD-Fishing Village has not broadcast yet, people really have big expectation at his 4D charms. “Instead having a lot of pressure, I’ll try to get more comfortable in reality show” Eric said.
Na PD didn’t hesitate to offer Yoon Kyunsang to join “3 Meals A Day”. Although he has less experience in entertainment programs, the vacation concept of 3MAD will make it fun and interested.  And because there was no time to get a vacation after his debut, hope through this program he will enjoy his travelling time.

Through SBS “Sic Flying Dragons” PD Na has been eyed on Yoon Kyunsang and get his information from the production team, ayear later, after the episodes of “Doctors” end, at the end of August Na PD finally approached him. “The entertainment industry will be freshed with the combination of Eric and rookie Yoon Kyunsang” “Eric with his 4D charms and Yoon Kyunsang’s seriousness will create a synergy that make high expectation” said the program’s production crew.

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[NEWS ARTICLE] ENGSUB Yoon Kyun Sang x Eric x Lee Seo Jin... 3 Meals A Day Fishing Village ‘Three Brothers

11:24 PM

Yoon Kyun Sang posted a sweet photo he took with Lee Seo Jin and Eric. 

Source: Yoon Kyun Sang Instagram

Yoon Kyun Sang on (Sept) 25 posted a photo he took with Lee Seo Jin and Eric with the following caption, “One pic with the brothers! These guys will be coming to you on 10.14 (October 14th)”
Lee Seo Jin, Yoon Kyun Sang, Eric are scheduled to take a part as Island mates in tvN reality show ‘3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village’ in a special island, Deukryangdo. The 1st broadcast will be on upcoming October 14th at 9:15PM KST following the Manjaedo episode.

Lee Seo Jin showed his killer pose as he made a smile that revealed his dimple, Eric put his hands on Yoon Kyun Sang’s shoulder with a cute facial expression, and Yoon Kyun Sang showed a playful look with a wink. The affectionate side of the three persons creates a heartwarming atmosphere.

Reporter Kim Eun Hye


[Introducing] 3 Meals A Day Fishing Village S3 / 삼시세끼 어촌편 3

9:54 PM


Title: Three Meals in a Day | Three meals | Samsi Meals 
Hangul: 삼시세끼
Director: Na Young Seok & Park Hee-yeon
Writer: Lee Woojung
Network: tvN
Genre: Variety Show
Stars: Lee SeoJin, Eric Mun & Yoon KyunSang
Location: GongChan Fishing Village
Episodes: 10 (?)
Release Date: October 14, 2016
Runtime: Friday | 9:50 pm KST [70 minutes]
Language: Korean

A South Korean outdoor cooking-reality show with self-sufficient organic life that When actor Lee Seo-jin was on Grandpas Over Flowers. The crew gave him the nickname "Cooking King" due to his poor cooking skills. Their jokes about Lee starring in a fake cooking show titled Cooking King Seo-jinnie eventually became the genesis for this show. 
The fixed casts of the show are South Korean actor, Lee Seo-jin and 2PM's Ok Taec-yeon and addition of Kim Kwang-kyu in season 2. On the program, they live in a little farming country village in the Jeongseon, Gangwon-do province and use whatever food they find there to create three meals.
A spin-off titled 
Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village starred Cha Seung-wonYoo Hae-jin and Son Ho-jun soon took off due to the high rating the first season generated.
The casts for the farming village and fishing village has changed. Cha Seungwon, ‘Cha-jumma’, and Yoo Haejin, “Cham Bada”, have moved from the fishing village to planting rice in Gochang, Jeonbuk, whereas Lee Seojin, who had lived at Jeongseon, Gangwondo, will be entering Deukryangdo, an island 30 minutes away from Nokdong Fishing Port. Something that’s a little more different is that Lee Seojin will be driving the boat himself.
In this season, Lee Seojin will try to get a fishing boat driver’s license, and showing the cast personally driving the boat out to sea with new helpers in Shinhwa's Eric Moon and new actor Yoon KyunSang